Stacy Boles

Veterinary Assistant


Of the many hobbies, and interests Stacy had growing up, she was the most passionate about riding horses.

Stacy took that passion to college with her and graduated from Johnson and Wales University with an A.S in Equine Management and Riding, and a B.S in Financial Services Management with minors in Economics, and Investment Services. During her senior year, Stacy was looking for a challenge and joined a competitive business club (DECA).  In her first, and only year competing, she placed first in the Qualifying Regional competition in Financial Services and went on to DECA’s International competition two months later, finishing in the top 10 overall. Before joining CGES, Stacy spent five years teaching dressage, and training green horses.

In 2016, Stacy was selected as a trainer for the Thoroughbred Makeover program. She competed with her former racehorse Nic N Jr., successfully in Kentucky that year in dressage and the competitive trail divisions.

When she’s not working she enjoys archery, computers, digital art, gardening and reading. Her favorite author is Bill Bryson; Author of The Short History of Nearly Everything, A Walk in the Woods, and The Body : A Guide for Occupants.